Bioclimatic shelters to shelter people affected by natural disaster International architectural competition ΤΕΕ-UIA
Μελέτη S. Kakavas, D. Giannisis, E. Klonizaki .
Συνεργάτες K. Stamataki architects, P.Chatzinikolaou mechanical eng.
honorable mention, international compet.UIA-TEE. Objective of the proposal was the creation of flexible micro-organism (host) that is unfolded in the same way that a three-dimensional children's book is opened to reveal unforeseen spaces and their content. The book - habitant is transported easily, and when opened provides a simple and completely viable way of habitation in areas that have been affected from natural disasters, restoring completely the regular life of residents at an early date and in a familiar to them environment. However, it can function not only autonomously but also in teams creating built-up groups of facilities depending on the case. Importance was given in the energy autonomy of the types, so that, similar to living organisms, can adapt, get familiar and survive in new environments