reuse of western dockyards in Heraklio Crete
Μελέτη S. Kakavas, E. Klonizaki
Συνεργάτες K. Stamataki, G. Nikolakopoulou
We proposed the least possible elaboration on the shells so that they can keep the character of an outdoor space, folded lightweight panels were used to organize the new public uses for the old domes. Our concept was to create a continuous floor for the seafront. A linear channel Boxing embodying all the elements for information and exhibitions. The channels has reference to the ship's repairing ditches, and they extends to the sea taking outdoor uses in an attempt to measure the initial dimensions of the monument. The woodwork-panels create spaces with flexibility, function as spacers to define spaces, surfaces for expositions , or as sitting benches. When the structures are closed the floor remains clear. Architectural competition-2009