Kakavas  klonizaki  architects

The architectural studio has been active since 1993 and working on projects of private and public interest in Greece and abroad. The studio participates in several national and international architectural competitions with winning entries and awards.

In each project is developing a methodology that explores the correlation between form-function and viability. The editing tools come from the visual arts, the analysis  of the built  and  natural environment and the evaluation of current human needs. Many projects have been published and exhibited in Greece and abroad. Awarded projects have been exhibited at the 11th Venice Biennale (2006) and the 6th Biennale of Young Greek Architects. The office worked on projects for the Athens Olympics (1999-2004).

Spyros Kakavas, architect NTUA, MSc EAP (Environmental Planning), artist ASFA.

Heleni  Klonizaki, architect NTUA MSc.

The office is certified for public projects in the E.U.
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Associates in few projects and competitions (as equal team members): Zinovia Kotsopoulou, architect NTUA, MSc NTUA (Space and Culture), artist ASFA.

Stavroula (Vivi) Melissou, architect NTUA, MSc NTUA protection of monuments and sites.
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collaborators  from 2004 to present:

Georgia Nikolakopoulou Architect NTUA MSc, artist ASFA

Kostanti Stamataki ,architect University of Patras, MSc in monument’s management U.A.